Body-Positive Phrases To Say In Front of Mirror

In our childhood, we are much happy with our body as having a beautiful hand with which we could eat, then after some time our legs are our love as they help us to crawl, then walk and then run. That childhood time is the most awesome time for all of us as all of us usually don’t have any sort of “Body-related Tension” which haunts us in our official “adulthood.”

Being an adult, having a good job and a relationship are the things which scare us, but the scariest is our body, its appearance and how it looks. These all are the major anxiety arousing things in our adulthood. All those blessings which we enjoy due to our body go in the background and is not a source of contentment for us furthermore.

This attitude really needs to be changed. The change to begin requires to begin it from ourselves. We have to commend, acclaim and adore ourselves to start that revamping that could do us much benefit. Others will not consider you worthy unless you consider yourself worthy of care, praise love and affection. That positive self-perception could lead to more satisfaction with one’s life, less depression and a very high amount of self-esteem.

But the question arises here how to accept our body and acknowledge it the way it is?

The simple answer is to have a mirror inside your room. Put it on a wall and start every morning of yours by standing in front of it and saying a body-positive remark to yourself to boost the energy, confidence and to make your day.

Standing in front of the mirror and saying something positive to yourself cause positive visualization.

Positive visualization means that a person has a positive perspective of one’s body and has no complaints with their body. Looking in the mirror and thinking something positive about one’s body involves positive visualization. This positive visualization incorporates a feeling of triumph and could include following body-positive phrases said to oneself in front of the mirror:

  1. “I am strong. I am beautiful/handsome. I am enough.”

This mantra helps people to stay strong no matter what happens and what comes one’s way.

  1. “Every body is a bikini/beach body.”

This means that one can try a bikini no matter what type of body shape she has. Whether it has any sort of freckles, cellulite, stretch marks or a big tan body. No matter what type of body you have, just wear the bikini and enjoy. Every man can go to the beach with whatever body shape he has. That’s it!!!

  1. “You are a sexy beast.”

Saying this melody in front of the mirror helps to feel sexy and that sexy feeling enhances the smugness.

  1. “Have pride in how far have you come, have faith in how far you can go.”

This chanting of the sentence could help to have faith in oneself and could lead to further success in one’s life and saying this in front of the mirror in early morning could also lead to a better-energized body as you have believed in your body that it can do anything.

  1. “You look perfect right now.”

This quote could help the people to pace up with the daily demanding necessities of everyday life which need a real struggle. This helps to achieve the physical perfection today which one thinks could never be achieved.

Lose Your Weight Just Like The Celeb With The Best Dieting Pills

Overweight has always been one of major problems that has struck a large number of people. This problem does not only make you look ugly but it also affects your mental and physical health. Overweight gives birth to various problems, but most of the time people have to suffer from joint pain and other swelling problems. So, to overcome all these problems many doctors and experts have together launched the best dieting supplements. These dieting pills will not only help in reducing your weight but will solve many health related problems also.

The diet story of Melissa McCarthy

The name of this dieting supplement is Garcinia Cambogia, which is extracted from the extracts of citrus fruit. This supplement gained wide popularity because of the Hollywood actress Melissa McCarthy. Before she revealed her secret, it was in news that the actress used this product daily and now the result is in front of you. In fact, after its use the actress was invited in various talk shows where she accepted that she was using this product, but along with this she also managed her diet. So, if you are also planning to lose your weight then you can opt for Melissa McCarthy diet pills. This will give you the best result that will help in enhancing your personality and you will get a perfect shape.

Daily workout routine of Melissa

Along with the pills, the actress also did workouts. She started her day with a healthy breakfast and good exercises. For her body transformation, the actress learned martial arts and did a lot of kickboxing. Following is the schedule of the exercise that she practices:

  • On first day of the week i.e. on Monday, the actress gives 30 minutes to hard martial art. Along with this she gives 10 minutes to rowing machine that helps her in getting energy for the long day.
  • On second day of the week i.e. on Tuesday, she takes resistant training that helps her in activating the body muscles and it also helps in improving the metabolism. The exercises that she performs are jumping jacks, wall sits, pushups, reverse crunches, weight squats and low back extensions.
  • On Wednesday, again she does martial arts for 30 minutes along with it she does burpees for 10 minutes.
  • Thursday’s are the hardest day of the week as on this day, actress does the most intense workout and many resistant exercises. She works with three sets that help her in making her muscles strong.

Diet plan of Melissa

Getting perfect body shape is not an easy job, but Melissa did it. Along with the bottle of pills and hard work out, the actress also compromised with her diet and started eating healthy food; following is the diet plan of Melissa that she followed daily:

  • In breakfast she takes green smoothie, grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, mixed veggies and 1 dieting pill.
  • Around 11AM she takes late morning snacks in which she takes green tea, steamed broccoli and wild cod.
  • In lunch, she takes grilled breast chicken, green tea, a cup of quinoa and 1 pill.
  • Around 9Pm she takes healthy munchies which include raw almond and fat free turkey.